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Water Venture

Our resource is one of the purest form of Water + Location

Pure water untouched by mankind bubbling out of the surface of the Earth's crust “Virgin Water” literally. Lot 3: 349.07 acres Virgin land which contain Natural Bubbling Spring Water.

Bubbling Natural Spring water: Rare Resource

The most pure, healthiest water in the world, Natural spring water bubbling out of the ground.

We have done all the water analysis raw (meaning no filtration against leading bottled water brand, which they have done the filtration process, we have been advised that we have one of the purest form of water.) our TDS is 100 and under.

The pre–feasibility study of lot 3 by Sinclair Kinght Mertz ( ) confirm the springs on the sites can provide a sustainable flow rate of 150 million litres of spring water per year.

The supply capacity and the analyzed quality of the water warrant (as per SKM and Australian Government National Measurement Institute consideration of commercial bottling on the site. Bottling of bubbling natural spring water as opposed to artesian water e.g. Fiji Waters is Artesian. Natural Spring water has its commercial advantages.

So Many Positive points:

Location is 10km away from port , Eco friendly.

Free Hold title therefore water / land has no royalty.

See a comparison done with our Natural spring Mineral water with no filtration and raw form with filtered bottled waters.

Compounds displayed in a bottled water labels APL FIJI Evian Volvic Bling H20 San Pellegrino ACQUA PANNA SAKA Waiwera MT Franklin
PH 7.2 7.8 7.2 n/a 7.6 5.2 8.2 8.2 8.6 n/a
TDS (Total dissolved Solids) 100 220 n/a 109 140 864 140 179 120 n/a
Bicarbonates 98 152 360 n/a n/a 194 87 110 20 5
Magnesium 8 14 26 6 6.8 50.4 7.2 3.9 2.6 3
Calcium 5.8 18 80 10 n/a 178 35 29.8 12 n/a
Silica 83 83 15 30 n/a n/a 8.2 17.2 n/a n/a
Chloride 5.1 n/a 6.8 8 1.2 55.4 7.9 1.5 n/a 20

TDS is 100 and less, minerals count high as the spring water is naturally push out of ground and is icy cold. The vision is to build a plant close to 100% eco friendly. We have a perennial spring. Water for export but also we want.

We believe in good relations.

We believe in synergy and working with a group of leaders, experts who can see the vision of what we have in hand. We have resource of pure premium water.

There are Evian, FIJI Waters , Voss some of the worlds premium brand which has a large market share, We believe in creating a brand, product, vision. Mother nature's natural resource which literally bubbles out of the ground into a glass bottle.