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Pure water untouched by mankind bubbling out of the surface of the earth's crust "Spring Water" literally. We think that the name best suits considering the source of our water. We have a vision and now we are ready to let the whole world know that there are many different types of water being distributed; rain, river, lake, glacia, mineral, artesian, bore water, filtered tap and natural spring water which are all over the world, but pure water in its natural form now that's something that the whole world would be interested in, just as mother nature indented. We have a product which will give some of the top water bottlers a run for their money. Here we come Evan and Fiji Waters as I am confident in saying we can literally kick the competition out of water!

Our spring began its journey from a distant source deep below the earth's crust to the bubbling natural spring on the surface surrounded by acres of freehold land. It is at this natural spring Mother Nature has given us the secret of the soft, delicious, mind refreshing and smooth tasting water. The water resource is in its true definition "Natural Spring Water" since it is derived from very deep rock formations that it then bubbles out naturally to the surface as it embarks on a remarkable journey from the deep volcanic depths.

A precious blend of H2O, naturally bubbling with high mineral content. "Water has different characteristics, which are a result of the land it travels through because it picks up minerals along the way" untainted waters from an untouched land.